10 Tips To Look Attractive In A Dress Shirt by reload casual store

Starting things off, if you’re not going to wear a necktie, don’t button that top button.And that second button, don’t be afraid to unbutton that button as well. It gives you a much more relaxed look.In today’s video, gents, ten easy ways to look more attractive in a dress shirt.So, coming in at

Number 9 and assuming you’re not wearing a necktie,by reload casual store

 you’re going to have those top two buttons unbuttoned,make sure to go for a V-neck undershirt, not a crew neck.You don’t want to show your undershirt,it just never looks good.

So coming in at number 8 to look attractive in a dress shirt, choose the right collar style.

In general, modern dress shirt collar styles are going to fall into two categories.We’re going to have point collars.Point collars are going to have their points spread be less than 35 degrees.This is going to be the vast majority of collar styles out there.This works great with a necktie, but if you’re not going to go with a necktie, 

you want to look at spread collars.Spread collars are going to have more like a 45, 55-degree collar spread, and they’re going to look much better when you don’t wear them with a necktie.Now, you can wear a necktie with a spread collar, it looks good if you choose the right knot style.

What you want to go for is a wider knot that’s going to fill up the space right up there next to your neck.

So coming in at number 7, you want to choose the right color fabric for your skin

tone and your hair color. So, first up, we’ve got light skin light

hair.So, if you’re got this complexion, some great colors are going to be light blue, green,red.We’re going with lighter variations of these colors.Notice no bright colors, no super dark colors.If you’ve got light-colored skin, blonde,or reddish hair, what you want to be careful of is overpowering your natural colors with too strong of a color in your dress shirt.

Next up, we’ve got the medium contrast individual.

This is going to be a guy with a little bit of color in the skin, but he’s going to have very dark hair.Now, when it comes to dress shirts, this guy is pretty lucky he’s going to be able to pull off any color, but he’s going to look best when he creates contrast in his outfit.

So, if you’ve got a dark-colored suit, you want to go for a light-colored dress shirt.So, when it comes to dress shirts, your best color is going to be white followed by a light blue and maybe even a pink or a lavender, you could pull that off. And, when it comes to the darker colors, yes,

they’re going to be more casual, but you can have some fun here. Don’t be afraid to bring in a nice strong vivid blue or maybe even a maroon.

Next up, we’ve got the gent who’s got dark-colored skin, dark-colored hair.

But, what’s great about this complexion,you can pull off very strong colors.So, of course, white is an option, but look at this light-colored pink, maybe you want to bring in a royal purple, a vivid blue,or a strong green.Now, before we go any further into this video,I got to warn you.Guys, the danger of picking up all these great info on how to be more attractive in a dress

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The next tip to look attractive in a dress shirt, strong lines.

We’re talking about a well-starched or ironed collar.We’re talking about cuffs that have no wrinkles

on them or pressed, don’t have any type of bends in them, and a strong placket. So, the placket, this is going to be where the buttons go through, but this always needs to be pressed, this needs to be ironed.If you have wrinkles right here in the front

of your shirt, everyone is going to see it.The same with the collar.Now, the collar not only do you want to actually have it pressed out, but you want to make sure that the shirt you buy has collar stays.Basically, they go in there and they ensure that there is a nice solid straight point.

Let’s talk about cuff fit.So, in general cuffs should not be so tight to restrict movement and they should never be so loose as that you could actually remove the shirt without unbuttoning.Now, you want to if you wear a watch, you want to make sure that the cuff is adjusted

to be able to fit your watch comfortably. And, remember, you can actually just simply move the button.

So coming in at number 5 and this one is backed by science, know how to roll your shirt sleeves.

Seriously, they did a poll, they asked women, what do you find attractive about a man? Up in the top five consistently is when a man rolls up his shirt sleeves and shows his forearm.So, this leads to the question, what’s the most attractive way to roll your shirt sleeves?

The answer in my opinion is the master roll.Here is how to do it.For this one, you will put the cuff further up the sleeve, then fold the excess fabric over it.This results in a very clean-looking roll,one that will not come undone throughout the day. And, best of all, when you want to unroll your shirt sleeves, one quick pull of the cuff is all it takes.

Next up, don’t be afraid to bring in a color

that really pops, something that you’re confident wearing something that you just feel this makes you look great. And, I know this may contradict what I said earlier, but if you love the look if you feel confident, guys, you can pull it off.

Next, know the rules on tucking in your shirt.

So, most shirts when you look at the bottom,you can tell should it be tucked or should it be tuckered. Shirts that should be worn tuckered are oftentimes going to have a straight bottom or it’s going to be the particular style of the shirt.So, a Araguaya should not be tucked in.

A polo shirt for the most part, those are made to be worn tuckered. Now, dress shirts by default should always be tucked in if they are dress shirts, but it’s the casual button-down, this is where it gets confusing.So, if you’ve got a dark-colored shirt and you’re wondering can I actually wear this tuckered?

You want to apply the two-inch rule.So, the two-inch rule goes like this. A shirt that’s going to be worn tuckered,you want to have it go about two inches below the waist line of your trousers.

Coming in at number 2, know how to leverage patterns.

So, let’s start things off with one of the easiest patterns to pull off and that is oxford.It’s the shirt I’m wearing right now.Basically, they use different colors. I’ve got white and dark blue yarns that were used to make these fabric.From a distance, it looks like a solid. Another thing to look at is go with the shirt

that has a tight twill weave. From a distance, it’s going to look like a solid. Now, let’s talk about stripes, a great pattern for most guys.It’s going to make you look leaner, going to make you look taller.Three stripes that you need to know are first up Bengal stripes.

So, the Bengal stripe is when we have two colors – white along with another color and you’re going to see that they’re of equal width.So, the white is just as wide as the color.

Next up, we’ve got a candy stripe.

Now, a candy stripe, the stripe of the color is going to be half the width of the white.So, you’re going to actually see a lot more distance between the stripes.

Next up, if you’re looking to go with something

bold, look for a track stripe. So, track stripes are where you’ve got actually three colors.You have the white backdrop and then you have alternating colors of a different shade. And, let’s talk checks. So, check patterns in general are very casual especially when they use a larger check pattern

That use brighter colors.Now, one of my favorite check patterns is a Glen check especially a medium to light blue.This pattern doesn’t really stand out until you get up close and I think that you can wear this business casual maybe business,but, yeah, it really is a great one to stand out from the crowd. All right, guys, 

So coming in at number 1 on reload casual men’s wear list, 

the most important thing when it comes to looking great in a dress shirt is fit. I’ve said this before, if it doesn’t fit you, it’s going to make you look bad.

Guys, nail the fit.So, what are the key areas on the dress shirt you got to nail the fit? Guys, start with the collar.When you button this up, you need to be able to get two fingers in there at least.If you can get your whole hand in there, it’s way too big.

Let’s talk about your shoulder points.If it does not fit you in the shoulder points,do not buy the shirt.This could not be adjusted.When it comes to the sleeve length, you want make sure to put your hands out.It should not go up past your wrist bones,

and it should not go out past your hands.You can get this adjusted a bit.Now, if it’s way too baggy in the sleeves,you want to be careful of that.That is showing that you’ve got way too large of an armhole. Now, when it comes to the length of the shirt,

this is something a lot of manufacturers skimp on.I like to have at least two to three inches in length, so that I can tuck it in and it’s going to stay tucked in.

Now, when we talk about the torso.So, you want to have about two-and-a-half inches of room on the average size guy.If you’re a bit bigger, maybe three, three-and-a-half inches, but if you’re 5’2” 100 lbs,in that case, you’re going to probably want an inch-and-a-half to maybe even an inch of excess fabric so it’s really proportion


Now, if you want more details on what goes into a perfect fitting dress shirt, I want you to go check out this video right here. I go into a lot more detail on what exactly to look for for the perfect fitting dress shirt.Or maybe you’re curious about four other ways to roll your dress shirt sleeves, I’ve got you covered with this informational video right here.

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